The North London Girls Consortium

The North London Girls Consortium have announced that they will replace their current 11+ exam process with bespoke simple cognitive ability tests (45 mins to one hour) and more importantly will be the creative interviews in the hope that they will reduce the amount of tutoring children have to go through. The group of schools will instead select students on the basis of cognitive ability, verbal reasoning and interviews.

The Consortium said in a statement: “There will be no further written assessments at our Schools, and we will develop the creativity of our interview processes.” 

Wimbledon High has already been a leader in this assessment process. While I agree that this is a better way of testing children, it makes it difficult for parents and teachers to know where a child will gain entry, the application becomes more uncertain. 

What is the North London Girls Consortium?

This is a group of schools that have chosen to minimize the exam process for girls throughout London (it does not only apply to schools in North London). The schools are divided in to two groups: Group 1 and Group 2. Girls may apply for as many schools as they like in each group but will only sit one exam in each group. Each school is different in their acceptance pass mark.

You must apply for each school separately. Each school has their own admissions process and registration (and registration fee). 
Schools express that it is important to sit the exam at their first choice school, but results will be shared across the schools they have applied to. 

These schools currently test in English and Maths, but for 2019 changes to this will be made to help stop over tutored girls. Group 1 and Group 2 currently have separate examinations but you can prepare for both in the same way.

Consortium English 11 Plus exam papers currently contain a comprehension with a discursive and a descriptive piece of writing. 
Consortium Maths 11 Plus exam papers contain a mix of questions which largely focus on the 11 Plus syllabus. Questions contain problem solving questions that require girls to apply their knowledge. Past papers are available on the schools' websites. Interviews take place in each school applied for. 

Schools in the North London Girls School Consortium

Group 1
North London Girls School Consortium
Francis Holland (Sloane Square)
Francis Holland (Regent’s Park)
Heathfield School
Notting Hill and Ealing High School
Queen’s College
St. Helen’s  School
South Hampstead High School
The Royal School, Hampstead
Group 2
North London Girls School Consortium
Channing School
City of London School for Girls
More House
Northwood College
Queen’s Gate School
St. James Independent School
Godolphin and Latymer School

Keep an eye out for updates on the exam process for these schools.