“Thank you for going through the assessment. I found it very enlightening and helpful. I feel reassured and hopeful that with a few pushes we can help improve the quality of her school life."


School Search

"Janie has helped me with enormous dedication to find schools which fit my children. Not only she has great knowledge about schools, but also has wonderful sensibility and understanding of the individuality of each child, which must be considered when choosing a school."


You gave us the confidence to make appropriate decisions.

"Thank you very much for working with our family to achieve an amazing result. When we first moved to London from the United States it was a challenge to understand the system and be able to assess our child’s place within it. It was clear that it’s not enough to go for the ‘best’ school, but a school that is a good match for the child’s potential and character. The first assessment gave us what we were looking for – a fantastic insight into our child’s strengths and weaknesses – the discussion afterwards put things in a much clearer perspective and gave us the confidence to make appropriate decisions. The continued support through the next year, thoroughness and wisdom, became essential to any decisions we made, whether it was selecting a tutor or corresponding with the school. We loved the creative writing sessions, chess, mock exams and interview preparation your company offers. We found all instrumental in making our boy’s talent shine."



"A note to say a huge thank you for your time yesterday evening. It was so very helpful to meet and we are so grateful for your thorough feedback based on our son's assessments and invaluable advice with regards to schools as well as counsel with regards to crafting an action plan for the year ahead."


The list of schools was invaluable.

"I had no idea which schools my daughter could possibly sit at. The assessment helped us to have a better idea of where she could gain entry, what she would need to do to gain entry and the areas she needed to improve in. To actually be given a list of schools was invaluable."


Janie Richardson has been the single biggest influence on my daughter’s selection into the school of our choice.

"I met Janie Richardson almost a year ago. Without a doubt, the team has been the single biggest influence in my daughter’s selection into one of the schools of our choice in the UK. Her assessment and insights into the short list of the schools we should be looking at was a huge first step. It helped to demystify the system and gave us clear focus. My daughter not only benefitted immensely from the interview training and the creative and discursive writing courses she took, she thoroughly enjoyed them too. She really grew in confidence and skill with each interaction. As a parent, I really felt like my daughter's training was in super hands. There were so many times that the team went out of their way to accommodate a request at short notice and I can't thank them enough for doing so. It took the pain and anxiety out of cramming a lot into a short week in the UK and made it super pleasurable and productive. I look forward to continue to work with them as my daughter tries to up her craft this year. We couldn’t have come this far and achieved so much in such a short span without Janie Richardson. A genuine thank you from us."


Such a wonderful help!

"With the help of Janie Richardson we have been able to map out an educational plan for our three children. Janie Richardson has supported us throughout the past 18 months with nursery applications, prep school applications and now secondary school applications. Janie Richardson diarised our school visits, completed registrations and basically kept us on track at this busy time of our lives."


School Search

"It was so nice to meet you and thank you again for all your insights. You are extraordinary knowledgeable in this area and we are extremely grateful for all your advice. It is wonderful to see a path towards success for our two children with your fine guidance. We are very grateful."


We were well prepared.

"We had no idea that some nurseries and schools needed registrations for places at birth. We were so pleased we had contacted Janie Richardson to talk through the process before our son was born. We were well prepared with application forms and visits before the sleepless nights set in! Thank you."


School Search

"Just to say that you and your team took away so much stress and we are so grateful. Thanks so much Janie and of course your entire team.”


11+ Entry

"We are so appreciative and feel very fortunate to have met you, we are very grateful for all the help and support that you and the team will no doubt provide for our son in the journey ahead to help him put his best foot forward for the 11+ entry to London Day Schools."


Janie Richardson really took the stress out of moving to a new city.

"Janie Richardson really took the stress out of moving to a new city. We were completely ignorant of the education system in the UK, and more specifically, the hothouse of London schooling. Janie's contacts into all of London's top schools meant we were able to quickly establish a shortlist of schools within the areas we were hoping to live. She managed all the communication with the schools and was able to clearly articulate the key differences between each school. Janie arranged for us to tour the schools on our shortlist and organised for our girls to undergo the necessary testing before they were offered places. Ultimately, we were offered places at multiple schools. Janie was able to illicit feedback from some parents whose children were from these schools in order for us to make our final decision. We were extremely happy with the service from Janie Richardson and would not hesitate to recommend it to other parents.  Janie is extremely knowledgeable and highly professional. Trying to tackle the process of finding school places without her support would have been very stressful."


School Search

"I am delighted with the news of our daughter joining one of the UK’s top boarding schools. Honestly thankful to Janie for guiding us to this marvellous institution with a lot of history and great reputation. We'll make sure along with you that our daughter does really well and makes all of us proud. "


The most reliable consultant in London!

"Janie is the smartest and most reliable educational consultant in London. She provided us with helpful advice about the education system and how it works. Janie found the best school for my son in Central London. I have deeply appreciated all the time she has spent with me."