Preparation maximises exam success.

Janie Richardson School Search can assess your child and provide a plan that enables you as parents to make appropriate educational choices. Similarly we have identified a need to both prepare and encourage children to maximise their performance in the entrance process for prospective schools. 

Working closely with Yellowbird Education we aim to offer a range of support options to bring out the very best in each child. We offer courses for your child to develop and practice their interview skills for 7+, 8+ and 11+ independent school entrance. This is not about telling your child exactly what to say but, rather, helping your child to act naturally and feel comfortable in an interview situation.

Our courses increase confidence and promote good presentation skills when meeting new people in unfamiliar surroundings. Private or group sessions available.


We conduct 2.5 hour assessments during which each child is assessed in Maths, English and reasoning by a specialist. You will receive a thorough report including an action plan – a list of potential schools and any suggestions for areas to work on.

Interview Practice

Your child will be interviewed as part of most school admissions.  These interviews can be challenging and intimidating, however we aim to provide your child with the necessary tools to cope and perform to the best of their ability.  


These workshops specialise in creative writing, comprehension and grammar booster sessions, providing confidence for children from ages 6-12. The interactive and lively workshops are suitable for writers of all abilities. The aim of these engaging sessions is to unlock the box of each child’s creativity and help them find the confidence to think differently.

Handwriting Workshops

Handwriting has become a skill that is so often overlooked in busy teaching timetables. These workshops aim to help each child to achieve the best of their handwriting potential. Handwriting quickly becomes tidier and clearer, enabling children to write with confidence and pride while developing their self-confidence and thinking skills.

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