Your individual needs addressed.

The British education system is complicated. There are many choices at each stage: but which nursery, which school and at what age is right for your child? You may ask yourself questions, such as:

When do I need to register my child?
How many schools do I register my child for?
When do I visit schools?
What should I be looking for?
What do I need to do to prepare my child for entry?
If my child is not happy at their current school, what should I do and what are my options?
Will my child get in to my preferred school?
What are the 4+, 7+, 8+, 11+ and 13+?

We can help to demystify the British Education System through a personal consultation, providing parents with the honest, unbiased advice needed to make informed decisions at the right time.

Our promise to you

  • Our work for you will be bespoke and tailor-made to your personal needs
  • We will always be available when you need us
  • We will provide clear, unbiased advice
  • Our service is completely confidential
  • We will be honest and clear about costs and fees
  • Our work will always be in the best interest of your child and your family

Thinking ahead will ensure your child the best start.

When your child is young, looking ahead and planning their education can seem distant and confusing. Your child may enter nursery at 2 or 3, then school at 4, move schools at 7 or 8, then again at 11 or 13, depending on if they are a girl or a boy, day or boarding.

Navigating your way through these choices can be very confusing and Janie Richardson School Search offers consultations and support to parents enabling them to plan ahead and make the right decisions from the very start.  

By ensuring you gain a very clear picture of the choices available we can save you time by helping you compile an educational plan based on informed decisions that are right for you and your family.

Janie Richardson School Search can further provide support with admission forms, registration fees and entry requirements, liaising with relevant admission departments on your behalf

Thinking ahead will ensure together we find the very best school for your child’s needs. 

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